Deepa Kulkarni (Dee); Talent Chain – Major Accounts Lead, Victoria

As Facebook connects people across continents, Deepa’s passion is to connect ICT professionals with companies and help the next generation of IT and innovation journey of Australia.

Over the past 9 years, she has been helping client organizations and candidate in Australia achieve their dreams while helping the companies to get the right fit candidates across the globe.

Her passion is unparalleled in this industry and the records speaks for themselves, be it in Social networks or in group meetings and knowledge sessions that she conducts for new immigrants in Australia.

Deepa loves challenges, is up to date with Modern technology and is a firm believer of technology enabled IT recruitment and social connect for a win-win proposition.

She is a Leader, a trend-setter, champion of Diversity who has won many awards and is widely recognized by the industry, her peers and the Talent Pool as well.

She is based out of Melbourne and can be reached on or via

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